With the rise of the digital age, technology is changing the way we connect. Online connections in ‘cyberspace’ are resulting in disconnections in the real world. We have become accustomed to having social interactions through a screen. But these interactions lack the tactility of human connection. Besides that, we regularly hear stories about inappropriate touch behavior. This resulted in people fearing being accused of inappropriate touch, so they rather choose not to touch. These technological and psychological developments influenced our touch behavior.

BODY-OBJECT is a social and sensory experience consisting of physical objects that act as an intermediary, encouraging people to connect and be physically intimate with each other. The shapes of the objects enable them to discover each other in a new way. A transition between the objects enables you to be more comfortable with each other while building up the tension and level of intimacy. By discovering, and playing with it, it provides a unique way of connectedness. Instead of technological devices or the emotion of fear to touch, there is now a physical object between people who realize interaction, connection, and, touch. Therefore the tactical connection of people is rediscovered, encouraging them to rethink their own physical relationships with one another.